Timber Pavilion

A shortlisted competition entry for a fully demountable, reusable and recyclable structure that can be sited globally in any urban or rural setting.

The history of timber is all around us. It is in the trees that we walk under and pick fruit from, that we climbed and swung from as children, that we carved our names into, and that we made tree houses in. Our personal history is intertwined with trees; the timber pavilion echoes this.

The pavilion is constructed from locally sourced timber native to its’ location that is easily transported, assembled and orientated in-situ using basic hand tools to significantly reduce its’ carbon footprint and omit the requirement for mains fed services. For every tree used a new one is planted.

The form of the pavilion is a simple series of A-frames that gently twist and undulate to follow land contours and gradients as they rise in height to a soaring apex, braced and clad in hardwood timber strips to create a louvred façade that echoes tree trunks and leafy canopies, with a fifty square metre floor area. It is a robust, highly sustainable building that leaves no footprint, being anchored into the ground via ‘stakes’ that are removed when the building is dismantled.

It is art, architecture and sculpture combined. It is fully accessible for all, made for physical interaction, tactile investigation, private contemplation, exuberant fun and joyful play, with the trees that surround it and the trees that create it becoming the exhibits.

Changes in light, shadows and temperate conditions allow the building to breathe, adapt and synchronise with the seasons, providing unobstructed views across the landscape in which it is located, whilst burrowing bugs and nesting birds can call it home. The growth of flora and fauna is encouraged across the facades to promote a thriving natural environment and a place of quiet reflection or noisy play.

Client – Confidential
Type – Civic, Cultural
Location – Global
Status – Open Competition (Shortlisted)