Slab Design Union offers a full architectural service across all RIBA plan of work stages, from briefing and feasibility through to construction and post-occupancy evaluation.

Our goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives through the creation of open, flexible and engaging buildings and spaces that exceed our client’s expectations.

We are open minded. We think differently. We listen to better understand. We share our knowledge. We value genuine collaboration. We engage creatively with end users and the context. We reflect on what we have helped to create to learn lessons for the future. Our work is underpinned by a rigorous approach to create thoughtful and engaging architecture. 

Our design ethos comes from a close engagement with the client and the brief, which we develop collaboratively. It also comes from a detailed understanding of the physical, cultural, and economic context in which we build.

Our goal is to meet complex and challenging circumstances head-on and create opportunities for better outcomes. We place end-users needs first to fully understand, resolve issues through design, and engage with clients and communities at every opportunity to ensure that projects are grounded and will succeed sustainably.

We create an open, iterative process using tested means of engaging with our clients and collaborators, including 3D models, physical models, drawings, sketches and workshops to produce building that are as enjoyable, stimulating, and long-lasting. Our process is always inclusive and iterative.

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Technical Information Production

Alongside our own projects, we collaborate closely with other architects and designers to support them through our technical information production service.

We use Vectorworks, SketchUp and the Affinity Suite to produce information that reflects the project procurement route, contract conditions and design requirements. 

We produce 2D drawings and 3D models and images for employer’s requirements, tender and pre/ post-contract deliverables through RIBA Work Stages 0 (Strategic Definition) to 5 (Manufacturing and Construction), providing clear and concise outputs that focus on the architectural scope and are developed in tandem with the suite of consultants’ information, the design responsibility matrix and all other relevant project documentation.

Along with pre/ post-contract work stage technical deliverables, we can provide drawings and graphics for feasibility studies, competitions and design reports, along with 3D models as base information for visualisers to create photorealistic images and renders. 

All 3D models are built to the required level of detail in accordance with the project work stage and output criteria. Drawings, graphics and model files can be exported in a range of file formats that are fully compatible with our client’s preferred software platforms.

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Specification Writing

We also support architects and designers by writing project specifications that provide outline, performance and descriptive/ prescriptive content suitable for costing, employer’s requirements, tender and contract purposes through RIBA Work Stages 2 (Concept Design) to 5 (Manufacturing and Construction).

The Architectural Specification represents what the contractor is purchasing and therefore it it crucial that it accurately covers all aspects of the project, including materials, products and systems, procurement, workmanship, standards and performance criteria.

To ensure accuracy and completeness, we collaborate closely with architects and designers to fully understand the project brief and scope. We then generate information that aligns to the procurement route, contract conditions and design requirements, and is developed collaboratively with other consultant’s information, the design responsibility matrix and all other relevant project information.

Our outline specifications are written in our customised template, which includes key performance criteria, scope, materials and standards. For employer’s requirements, tender and contract purposes, we use NBS Chorus, producing specifications in accordance with the Common Arrangement of Works Sections (CAWS) format. We can work remotely or within our client’s shared workspace.

Additionally, our specification outputs can be linked to model files via a Keynote file to generate a content menu within BIM environments, or linked directly to models when written in NBS Chorus.

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