Pavilion for All

A competition entry to design a new sports pavilion and community building sited within Clitterhouse Playing Fields as an integral part of the ongoing Brent Cross regeneration project in London.

The building sits low in the landscape, sited on the intersection of key walking routes and matching the height of adjacent housing, with the main entrance aligned to the axis of Purbeck Drive. A glulam structural frame, straw bale walls lined with clay render and extensive brown roofs create a thermally efficient, fully naturally heated and cooled building that requires no mechanical heating or cooling.

Buried storage tanks collect water from roofs for use by the building, the community allotments and orchard, where fruit and veg is grown for use in the community café; the trees provide additional natural cooling. The land use around the building aids drainage along with reclaimed permeable paving at the perimeter.

All glazing and roof lights are solid timber framed solar-control double glazed units with integrated opening lights for purge/ smoke venting and natural cooling. The building incorporates 60 covered cycle parking spaces, outdoor seating areas and an arts wall adjacent the allotments for community and education projects.

The roof is covered in an array of solar panels that generate electricity, and the brown roofs encourage ‘bug hotels’ and bird nesting. The building presents a fantastic opportunity for low carbon construction techniques and extensive post-occupancy life cycle energy consumption monitoring.

The building is set at a single level with all uses linked via a central entrance and reception, providing easy access for all ages and abilities. The building is fully demountable and recyclable, made from off-site manufactured timber components that are assembled alongside traditional construction methods.

Client – Brent Cross Town, Argent Related, Barnet Council
Type – Sport, Recreation, Community
Location – Clitterhouse Playing Fields, Brent Cross, London, UK
Status – Open Competition