Rammed Earth Pavilion

The proposal for a Rammed Earth Pavilion celebrates the beauty and versatility of this material.

The low embodied energy of rammed earth construction and its minimal waste make it a highly sustainable building material. This centuries old technique has become increasingly popular in modern buildings, and as such is a material worthy of discussion, expression, and celebration.

The pavilion is a practical building, calling back to the architecture of exhibition halls and engine sheds, with a nod to traditional farm buildings and vernacular dwellings. The intent of the pavilion is both educational and practical, allowing rural communities to develop skills in construction.

The movable rammed earth panels are located within a timber frame that sits under a soaring expressed timber framed roof, lined with reclaimed metal sheeting and roof lights formed of old vehicle windscreens that accentuate the design of the rammed earth walls.

The whole structure can be demounted, relocated, and assembled using hand tools and traditional techniques. All components can be recycled and reused, with the earth forming the panels being gathered from the site in which the building is located. The natural material is in perpetual motion and assumes variant qualities throughout the day, always orientated to act as a natural sundial. It is a building to be experienced tactilely and visually. The panels themselves are the displays, with changes in light, shading and occupancy bringing new meaning and understanding to this material.

Client – Confidential
Type – Community, Cultural
Location – Global
Status – Open Competition