Cremyll Street

Slab Design Union were asked to design a new family home for a constrained coastal site in Plymouth.

The site at Cremyll Street was an opportunity to continue our exploration of the potential development opportunities of redundant and small pockets of land with difficult constraints.

The site was open access surface car park that has been divided up to allow the area facing Cremyll Street to be developed separately. Maintaining access to the existing parking was a key constraint of the design, leading to the development of a ground floor plan that provides secure access and storage. The first floor contains two bedrooms, a bathroom and en-suite, with the second floor a large, interconnected living/ kitchen/ dining area with external terrace.

The organisation of the spaces placed serviced areas to the north of the plan, with bedrooms and shared spaces to the east and south to benefit from natural daylighting and views across Stonehouse.

The materials palette is a precast concrete base with the first and second floors clad in scalloped corten steel panels, set out on a modular 1050 x 1050 grid based on the site parameters. The glazing is electrochromic to preclude the need for blinds and curtains. The interior staircase is glass from first to second floor to draw as much light as possible into the ground floor, with materials being selected for their robustness in the marine environment whilst creating a visually striking facade.

Client – Confidential
Type – Residential, New build
Location – Plymouth, Devon
Status – Feasibility